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Welcome Wildlife Lovers!


DHRUV WADKAR signifies what TFT had been founded for-getting children a connect to nature and wildlife. He has been unfailingly contributing his visuals from the time we launched TeensForTigers (TFT) in 2011 with a calendar on Tigers photographed by teenagers. We are happy that this initiative has been able to similarly inspire many other children and get them intrigued by wildlife.


The current calendar is on leopards. Arya Venkat Aravind, B Saro Jayasri, Kothai Arunachalam, Meenakshi A Unnithan, Ramnarayan A Unnithan, T Harani and Skandan S Devadoss of VoW contributed with their Yala leopard on a rocky ramp; Dhruv of TFT matched the mood with his leopard from Beda!


This year, three youngsters Kaira Sanghvi, Tanish Vijaypal and Yashna Praveen joined us with excellent artistic renderings of the leopards. Harani contributed with her sketch too.


Our work for 2017 is dedicated to Rakesh Sahai, our mentor, who went to document wildlife, never to return, stunning us on Jan 1st 2016. We will always miss him and his wise words.


While social media and the world of apps are making the world smaller and instant connections are an expected norm, the need for all things digital is felt even more. The time for those intense wildlife trips, yearlong work and printed calendars have seen their time. We will try to stay a vibrant group but more digitally than through our calendars!


With humility, now we bow out.


Desktop Calendar 2017 will be our last presentation.



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