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THE ARTISTS Of the original Teens for Tigers team, some have moved on from their teens into a young adulthood, full of regard for our biological preserves, and sharing this love with others in their day to day lives. And some new faces have joined us, instilling a sense of hope for India’s biodiversity.













Yashna Praveen

10 years; Grade V

KC High School, Chennai

When I was nine, I attended a wildlife camp in Dehradun which included wildlife photography. I had taken my digital camera, but when I was told that I could handle a professional camera, I was elated! This triggered my interest in photography. During the trip we spotted some beautiful birds and various animals. The highlight was when we all spotted a leopard at the Rajaji National Park. Besides this, I love art and that’s why I decided to volunteer and sketch the leopard for the calendar, as it combined my interests in art and photography.

Tanish Verma

10 years; Class V

Mount Carmel School, Dwarka, Delhi

My parents tell me that I displayed my creative bend through pictures I made on the walls of our home since I was two! I used to fill up reams of paper with my creations that came naturally to me. My art changes with my mood like any other imaginative person. My other interests are playing the guitar and photography.

Kaira Sanghvi

10 years; Class: V

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Delhi

I have great interest in art, colours and creative drawing. Tigers, leopards, lions and other animals are of keen interest to me. Although, so far, I have only seen them in zoos around India and the world, I wish to travel to the many wildlife sanctuaries to explore the wonders of nature. Teens for Tigers and Voices of the Wild introduced me to a whole new world of the big cats. I was encouraged by Vidhi Ma’am and my family to contribute my paintings, of the leopards photographed, for the 2017 calendar. I am very glad to have been included in the Teens for Tigers team.

T Harani

12 years; Class VIII

Lakshmi school, Madurai

I like dancing, drawing, painting, playing tennis, and photography. VoW lends a new dimension to witnessing nature and wildlife, helping me to photograph animals in their natural habitat and not restrict my thoughts to academics alone. My trip to Yala, Sri Lanka was unforgettable as we had many risky adventures. During my trip to Nagarhole Mysore, I saw a tiger in the wild and the image will stay with me all my life. Harani contributed the leopard photograph featured on the Flyleaf

THE PHOTOGRAPHERS For this years calendar, we were joined by two budding young ladies from Voices of the Wild (VoW). VoW, based in Madurai, is another team of teenagers who are venturing out into the wild, to explore the once pristine wonders of nature, and to, as their name suggests, lend a voice to the wild, shout out on nature’s behalf, to ask everyone to join together in the conservation of planet earth.

Arya Venkat Aravind

11 years; Class VI

Lakshmi school, Madurai

Most of my friends spend time indoors with electronic gadgets. I love that VoW has given me the chance to visit national parks and see different kinds of wild animals and learn about their habitat. My most unforgettable VoW trip was to the Yala National Park as it was the first time I saw a big cat in the wild. My other interests include Kung Fu, photography and robotics

Meenakshi A Unnithan

11 years; Class VII

Lakshmi school, Madurai

VoW has always been a wow for me! The team is more like a family. All the trips I have been on were unforgettable. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt a lot about teamwork, photography and wildlife. The highlight of the trip to Sri Lanka was when our vehicle was stuck deep inside the forest in the Yala National Park. Exciting times indeed! I like dancing, singing, crafts, photography and reading. Meenakshi contributed the leopard photograph featured on the envelope.

G. Skandan S. Devodass

14 years; Class IX

Lakshmi school, Madurai

Each wildlife trip is a great learning experience. While I captured the leopard on camera in Yala, my trip to Nagarhole was a very special one. For the first four days the big cats eluded us, but we did not lose hope and as a reward for our patience, the tiger finally showed up and allowed us take photographs to our heart’s content. Magical!

Saro Jayasri B

15 years; Class X

Lakshmi school, Madurai

In our VoW team, we are more like family. It helps that we study in the same school, have common interests and go on trips together. Going into the wild makes me understand myself better. It has also opened a new dimension of life for me to experience and enjoy. My camera is now my third eye. My hobbies include dancing, singing, photography, badminton and reading books.

Ramnarayan A Unnithan

15 years; Class X

Lakshmi school, Madurai

VoW is made up of a group of dreamers, teaching us to look at things from different angles, freeing us from our narrow confining views. Our learning takes place not through the classrooms and discussions, but through our experiences in the wild specially the bumpy safaris in the jungle. Missing sighting the leopards in the safari; albeit disappointing still teaches us something new. I stay interested in photography, swimming, singing and drawing - I especially like pencil sketching.

Kothai Arunachalam

16 years; Class XI

Laidlaw Memorial School and Junior College, Ketti

I was born in Coimbatore and studied till tenth grade in Madurai at the Lakshmi School. I love arts and crafts and am skilled at quilling and drawing. I adore dancing and have been formally trained in Bharatanatyam. I enjoy the company of dogs as much as people.

Dhruv Wadkar

18 years; Class XII

ISS International School, Singapore

It’s hard to define what photography teaches you apart from seeing things more keenly… but photography in the wild has made me stronger – mentally and physically. Strangely, after observing animals in the wild, I tend to understand people better. Apart from having more stamina and being able to brave different types of climate, I am also more patient and still enjoy moments of silence despite the age of digital invasion.

Home cooked food; A racy game on my Xbox; Warm popcorn with a thriller movie; A hike in cold weather are a few of my favorite things.

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